Lake Bled proposal photoshoot

Chloe and Chirag messaged me, wanting to have a couples photoshoot at the gorgeous Lake Bled in Slovenia with a surprise proposal at the island. Lake Bled is one of the most romantic and well known lakes in Slovenia, perfect for a couples photoshoot or engagement photoshoot. It is our most known natural gem seen. And for a good reason, it has such a lovely vibe, amazing activities and it is located just at the foot of our Triglav national park.

We took a boat to the island. There are two different traditional boats you can take – Pletna boat where there is a person roviw it and takes you to the lake (either a whole group of people or you privately) and there is an option to rent a wooden boat that you row to the island yourself. We took the second option for more flexibility and privacy.

When we reached the island i got off and let the couple enjoy a bit of fun lake exploration by themselves.
Later we took a walk around the island and the magic happened on the dock surrounded by the magical light and the mountains.

Later we also visited the castle overlooking the lake as they really fell in love with the view overlooking the lake.
They were truly the most relaxed, easy going and caring souls. I am super greatefull to be able to make this experience happen for them and to capture the moments and emotions for them to remember for a life time!

Planing a surprise proposal at lake Bled? Meesage us, we would love to capture it in photographs!